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Madonna School Alumnae

As a Madonna Scholar alumnae, you are probably in a unique place in your life: studying at college, newly graduated in the working world, moving out on your own, getting married or starting a family. Whatever path you are currently on, we hope the guidance and support the Madonna Foundation gave you has created endless opportunities for you in your journey.

When you think about the current scholars, a group you were part of not too long ago, imagine them making their way across the stage at graduation. We hope you will recognize that YOU are a part of the Madonna sisterhood. A sisterhood that began with Madonna High School and continued through your time as a Madonna Scholar is guiding you through the amazing things you are doing now and will remain strong through your connection to our current scholars and us.

If you are a Madonna Scholar Alumnae, we want to hear from you!

Consider joining our alumnae group and becoming a mentor, or share your talents in other ways. Please send us your updated information and tell us what you are up to!

[email protected]

Office: (331) 318-5170

Celebrate Our 2023 Madonna Scholar Grads

Scholar Alumnae – Colleges & Universities

  • Danayt B. (Josephinum Academy)
    Loyola University Chicago
  • Makayla M. (Josephinum Academy)
    Saint Xavier University
  • Genesis C. (Josephinum Academy)
    Xavier University of Louisiana
  • Joesaya H. (Josephinum Academy)
    University of San Francisco
  • Kierra H. (Mother McAuley)
    University of Illinois Urbana Champaign
  • Ndeye K. (Mother McAuley)
    University of Missouri
  • Madeline (Maddie) M. (Mother McAuley)
    University of Iowa
  • Jasmine D. (Our Lady of Tepeyac)
    Dominican University
  • Griselda G. (Our Lady of Tepeyac)
    Southern Illinois University
  • Grace G. (Resurrection High School)
    Marquette University
  • Laila K. (Resurrection High School)
    Emory University
  • Luvis M. L. (Resurrection High School)
    Marquette University
  • Meagan C. (Resurrection High School)
    Marquette University
  • Rachel F. (Resurrection High School)
    Southern Illinois University
  • Karina C. (Trinity High School)
    Augustana College
  • Kiara M. (Trinity High School)
    University of Illiois at Chicago
  • Millie F. (Josephinum Academy)
    Illinois College
  • Jahmiyah M. (Josephinum Academy)
    Louisiana State University
  • Arlene G. (Our Lady of Tepeyac),
    University of Illinois @ Chicago
  • Autumn W. (Our Lady of Tepeyac)
    Western Illinois University
  • Raquel O. (Regina Dominican)
    Purdue University
  • Amelia K. (Resurrection High School)
    University of Illinois @ Chicago
  • Ariel A. (Trinity High School)
    Loyola University
  • Abigail B. (Trinity High School)
    Dominican University
  • Angela L. (Trinity High School)
    Arrupe College
  • Isabela P. (Trinity High School)
    University of Illinois @ Champaign
  • Amira S.(Trinity High School)
    Loyola University
  • Jessica O. (Trinity High School)
    University of Michigan
  • Priscilla B. (Josephinum Academy)
    University of Notre Dame
  • Matina P. (Resurrection High School)
    DePaul University
  • Ryan C. (Resurrection High School)
    University of Wisconsin
  • Hannah A. (Resurrection High School)
    Illinois Wesleyan University
  • Maria V. (Regina Dominican High School)
    St. Xavier University
  • Nabiha A. (Regina Dominican High School)
    Oakton Community College
  • Kayla V. (Trinity High School)
    Hope College
  • Crystin M. (Trinity High School)
    Western Illinois University
  • Melenie S. (Josephinum Academy)
    University of Illinois
  • Monica A. (Josephinum Academy)
    Benedictine College-Kansas
  • Trixie A. (Josephinum Academy)
    University of Illinois
  • Chelsia G. (Josephinum Academy)
    Wilbur Wright College
  • Jennifer G. (Josephinum Academy)
    Dominican University
  • Jocelyn G. (Trinity High School)
    Northern Illinois University
  • Christina O. (Trinity High School)
    Bradley University
  • Daniela O. (Trinity High School)
    Bradley University
  • Jada P. (Trinity High School)
    Albion College
  • Ashanti T. (Trinity High School)
    University of Illinois
  • Madeline V. (Trinity High School)
    Dominican University
  • Evelyn M. (Josephinum Academy)
    Knox College
  • Liliana M. (Trinity High School)
    St. Olaf College
  • Karime S. (Trinity High School)
    Columbia University
  • Princeanna G. (Trinity High School)
    Pomona College
  • Melissa L. (Resurrection High School)
    University of Wisconsin
  • Sarah H. (Resurrection High School)
    Judson University
  • Sabrina M. (Josephinum Academy)
    Loyola University
  • Maria S. (Josephinum Academy)
    Illinois Institute of Technology
  • Katherine A. (Josephinum Academy)
    Gettysburg College
  • Sequoia C. (Josephinum Academy)
    Northeastern Illinois University
  • Amanda D. (Regina Dominican High School)
    Carthage College
  • Gina G. (Trinity High School)
    St. Louis University
  • Vivian N. (Trinity High School)
    University of Illinois
  • Gabby S. (Josephinum Academy)
    Concordia University
  • Alexa M. (Trinity High School)
    St. Mary’s of Notre Dame
  • Jasmine M. (Josephinum Academy)
    Kalamazoo College